Biodegradation potential of bacterial isolates from dye wastewater at Marina, Sokoto metropolis

M.A. Adegbite, K. Ibrahim, S.A. Yusif
2020 Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology  
This study was carried out to determine the biodegradation potential of bacterial isolates from dye wastewater at Marina Area, Sokoto. Three (3) of the bacteria were identified; Bacillus subtilis, Luteimonasaestuarrii and Bacillus cereus and were used for further studies based on their degradation ability of green, red, yellow and blue dyes. Bacillus subtilis, Luteimonas aestuarii and Bacillus cereus have the potential to degrade all the four dyes used during the present investigation. However,
more » ... stigation. However, efficacy of the various bacterial strains was found to vary at different concentration levels in degradation of a particular dye. Thus, by this study it can be concluded that Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis and Luteimonas aestuarii can be used as a good microbial source for dye waste water treatment. The selected bacterial species represent a promising tool for application in biodegradation of dye waste water and the potential observed would allow for the application of the bacterial isolates for treatment of dye effluents before disposal. Keywords: effluents, isolates, biodegradation, dye and bacterial.
doi:10.4314/njb.v36i2.10 fatcat:htwgcwslhvdlpmnie5ynq6zdym