Valentyn Merzhyievskyi, Yuliya Ponomarova
2020 Avtoshliakhovyk Ukrayiny  
In order to improve the national terminology in the industry and simultaneously to coordinate it with international terms, we propose to the Ukrainian motor transport community to take part in compilation of specialized translation dictionary. The magazine «Avtoshliakhovyk Ukrainy», as indicated in the No 1 (253) 2018, have opened a new section, «Automotive Industry Dictionary», intended to publish our draft definitions of the most controversial terms in Ukrainian, with comments on their
more » ... on and scope and corresponding terms in other languages. Please, send your remarks and ideas by email indicating «Automotive Industry Dictionary» in the subject line to:
doi:10.33868/0365-8392-2019-1-257-19-20 fatcat:axvd6l4jyrehhjiy6lctd7hg2i