Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC): A Targeting Approach to the Brain via Intranasal Administration

Swatantra Kumar Singh Kushwaha, Neelottama Kushwaha, Bushra Fatma, Piyush Pandey
2020 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation  
Different barriers like a blood-brain barrier in the brain restrict the transport of potential therapeutic elements for direct entry into the brain. For delivery of a wide range of therapeutic drugs directly to the brain can be achieved by direct targeting the brain via an olfactory and trigeminal neural pathway which bypasses the blood-brain barrier hence has gained more importance and considered as an accurate route of drug targeting to brain. Intranasal route transports the drug by
more » ... e drug by delivering it directly to the brain and avoiding the systemic absorption which also avoids the side effect of enhancing the efficacy of nano therapeutics. As these types of drug delivery commonly targeted drug delivery to the brain via nose are complex. Different strategies applied for overcoming these challenges has been covered. Drugs to be transported through this system are usually carried out through nano particulate system known as nanotechnology which helps in transportation of drug particles directly to the central nervous system and participates in drug release through a carrier-mediated system called nano particulate system have been extensively covered within the article. Parallel to this recent advancement in brain targeted drug delivery has been thoroughly explained and characterized. Although direct drug delivery to the brain is a vital challenge for researchers which can be overcome by using different types of strategies that have been covered under this article.
doi:10.5530/ijpi.2020.3.46 fatcat:icmg4qq74vhlxcqe5htpmmdrza