Identification of Shortcomings in the Method of Application of Probes and Improvement of the Parachute-Jet System

Yu. I. Adamov
2020 Metrology and instruments  
The article deals with the issues of improvement of the parachute-jet system (ORS) with the use of modern radio altimeters in order to increase the percentage of soft landings and to allow adjusting the position of the landing object in the horizontal plane depending on the angle of inclination of the surface of the intersection. The experience gained in heavy-duty aircraft landing illuminates the problem of calculating the probe length required for successful lan­ding. The main disadvantage of
more » ... ain disadvantage of the method of using probes is that their length is rigidly fixed long before the landing (before loading), which does not allow to adjust it to account for changes in para­meters. The main disadvantages of the technique of using OPS probes are the inability to accurately predict the temperature of the landing site, the high probability of error in determining the full mass of the object before the landing, the inability to account for the pre­sence, power of upward airflows and does not allow to adjust it to account for changes in parameters. Therefore, there is the question of improving the method of determining the optimum height for the inclusion of the powder bra­king system, which would at least improve the consideration of the above parameters to ensure a minimum landing speed of heavy machinery. This is especially true of the real rate of descent of the ORS, which mainly depends on the flight mass of the object, the tempe­rature and pressure of the atmospheric air, the temperature of the powder charge of the ORS engine, the presence and power of upward airflows that are difficult to predict accurately, and the wind speeds near the landing site, which in general Improvement of the parachute-jet system in the direction of increasing the reliability, accuracy and safety of the landing of the object by the use of radar system will allow casting safely carry heavy objects dropping from airplanes.
doi:10.33955/2307-2180(1)2020.21-26 fatcat:e5tyx7qjdncklhx54ueu6qh2h4