Raising twin babies and problems in the family

C Chang
1990 Acta geneticae medicae et gemellologiae twin research  
Out of 296 mothers of twins interviewed about difficulties encountered while rearing twins, 49% mentioned inadequate sleep, 18% financial strain, 39% emotional disturbance, 22% disturbance in the marital relationship, and 43% lack of time to take care of other children. With the growth of twins, the problems gradually decreased, except for emotional disturbance, the most difficult period being the first year. Only 15% reported leaving the babies in the care of relatives during the day time.
more » ... g the day time. Overall, 68.2% felt the support from the father, but 39% of them felt the support was useless; 49% felt support from the mother-in-law, but 43% of them regarded the mother-in-law to be of no help; 36% were supported by their own mothers, but 54% mentioned that they had received little help. One must conclude that social support from relatives was inadequate. Public policy should take this fact into account and provide public health nurses and social workers to help the mothers of twins, especially during the first year.
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