Model dependences of the deactivation of phytoplankton pigment excitation energy on environmental conditions in the sea**Support for this study was provided by the project 'Satellite Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Environment - SatBałtyk' funded by European Union through European Regional Development Fund contract No. POIG 01.01.02-22-011/09

Mirosława Ostrowska
2012 Oceanologia  
A semi-empirical, physical models have been derived of the quantum yield of the deactivation processes (fluorescence, photosynthesis and heat production) of excited states in phytoplankton pigment molecules. Besides some already known models (photosynthesis and fluorescence), this novel approach incorporates the dependence of the dissipation yield of the excitation energy in phytoplankton pigment molecules on heat. The quantitative dependences of the quantum yields of these three processes on
more » ... ree fundamental parameters of the marine environment are defined: the chlorophyll concentration in the surface water layer C a (0) (the basin trophicity), the irradiance P AR(z) and the temperature temp(z) at the study site. The model is complemented with two other relevant models describing the quantum yield of photosynthesis and of natural Sun-Induced Chlorophyll a Fluorescence (SICF) in the sea, derived earlier by the author or with her
doi:10.5697/oc.54-4.545 fatcat:cvnljhrnvjdmdftthq35vcu2ra