car security with driver safety

Sourabh Ingale, Sanika Nipane, Amir Pathan, Ms. Mamta Rajshekhar Wanjre
2021 Zenodo  
A major problem today for car owners is that they're in constant fear of getting their vehicles stolen from a typical parking zone or from outside their home. Safe driving could even be a significant concern of societies everywhere the world . Thousands of individuals are killed or seriously injured due to drivers falling asleep at the wheels annually. Hence driver drowsiness is that the main issue behind accidents. during this paper, a low-cost extendable framework for smart car security
more » ... car security system is proposed, which consists of blink sensor, a GPS module, fire sensor and alcohol sensor. The system described during this paper automatically take photos of driver and compares his or her face with database to determine whether he's an authenticated driver or not. the other modules transmit necessary information to users and help to stay eyes on cars all the time, even when the car is lost. this system prototype is formed on AtMega 32, controls all the processes. The GPS module within the car detects things of the car. So by this system the identification of the thief and thus the car safety are simply smarter and cheaper than traditional one.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4911342 fatcat:rax4iy2itvaoxi7wrbnbrhifxu