Observatii si precizari privitoare la Câmpul lui Dragos

Costică Asăvoaie
This study, which is mostly based on a documented information, intends to operate a re-examination of the scientific theories expressed in the Romanian historiography till now, about the placing and the limits of this region, as well as the origin, age and significance of the name "Câmpul lui Dragoș". Another intention of this study is that of placing the oldest mediaeval settlements from this area in order to be useful for the future sistematic archaeological excavations. In the first part of
more » ... he study, the author presents his own reasons in searching this subject. There are exposed the main points of view regarding the problems in debate. There are, also, specified the geographical limits of this "Câmpul lui Dragoș" (The Plain of Dragosh). As is to be observed, in the mediaeval documents, the above mentioned toponymical appointed a county situated on the right side of Bistritza river together with the hydrographical basins of the brooks: Măstacăn, Nechid, Dragova and Blăgești. In the middle-age this area was included in the County of Bacău. The general conclusions of the author will be published in the second part of this study.
doi:10.11588/amold.1994.1.90708 fatcat:trzbm4rxkffxfgb4ej747lt27m