Giant schwannoma of the pelvis: A case report

Oaysegul Oksuzoglu, Saliha Sagnic, Melike Doganay, Ilker Selcuk, Kamil Muftuoglu, Mehmet Meydanli
2016 J Cases Obstet Gynecol   unpublished
Schwannomas are benign nerve sheath tumors most commonly seen in cranial and peripheral nerves. Pelvic schwannomas are particularly unusual. They are slow-growing tumors and detected incidentally. We report a giant presacral schwannoma in a 74-years-old woman who presented with urinary incontinence. Abdominal ultrasonography and computed tomography pointed out a large well-circumscribed solitary mass arising from right adnexial region to the epigastric area without any sign of ascites and
more » ... ral hydronephrosis. Although sacrouterin leiomyoma was considered preoperative diagnosis pelvic retroperitoneal mass was detected in an operation and frozen section was made It reported mesenchymal tumor with a high probability of schwannoma. Since the tumor invade strictly the major vessels, the mass was removed by enucleation in order to not to lead further morbidity and mortality. Final pathology revealed Schwannoma.