Synthesis of β-aminocarbonyls and β-aminoacids using Aza-Michael addition reaction catalyzed by potassium fluoride doped hydroxyapatite: Practical and ecological approach

B. Mounir, F. Bazi, H. Taoufik, M. Nawdali, M. Zahouily
This work describes a simple and efficient process for the synthesis of β-aminocarbonyls and β-amino acids compounds catalyzed by potassium fluoride doped hydroxyapatite KF/ HAP. The advantage of this method is high regioselectivity, high purity, and the use of a cheaper, milder, efficient and reused catalyst for the hetero-Michael addition reaction
doi:10.48419/imist.prsm/rhazes-v3.14461 fatcat:56loogmkpjbo3chexgyckiffxq