Effect of Arbitrarily Spread Fiber Reinforced Backfill Against Model Sheet Pile Wall

S Tiwari, J Sharma
Effectiveness of randomly distributed fibers reinforced backfill of a rigid sheet pile, in reducing lateral earth pressure is investigated through an experimental study. Tests were performed on a model wall retaining cohesion less fill reinforced with randomly distributed discrete fibers with and without surcharge loading. Analysis of test data has shown significant reduction in the lateral earth pressure with the amount of reinforcement. In the proposed technique the backfill is reinforced
more » ... randomly distributed discrete fibers (synthetic). This resulted in appreciable reduction in the lateral earth pressure on the wall and hence the wall can be designed for reduced sliding and overturning moments and ultimate economy in the construction of sheet piles. No special technology or skill is involved in the construction of such walls. In addition to above test program, laboratory triaxial compression tests were performed to determine the static stress-strain response of the compacted sandy soil reinforced with randomly distributed polypropylene fibers. The laboratory test results showed that the reinforcement changed dramatically the stress-strain behaviour at very large strains. The strength was found to increase continuously at a constant rate, regardless of the confining pressure applied, not reaching an asymptotic upper limit, even at axial strains as large as 20%.