Removal Characteristics of Silicon Carbide (SiC) surface by EEM(Elastic Emission Machining)
EEM(Elastic Emission Machining)によるSiC表面凹凸の改善

Akihisa Kubota, Hidekazu Mimura, Kouji Inagaki, Yasuhisa Sano, Yuzo Mori, Kazuto Yamauchi
Precise surface preparation techniques to make atomically flat and defect-free SiC surfaces are strongly demanded in the next-generation semiconductor technology. However, effective technique dose not exist particularly for surface smoothing. EEM (Elastic Emission Machining) is a precise surface preparation technique utilizing chemical reactions between solid surfaces. In this work, a step-bunched SiC was prepared as the initial surface, and was flattened by EEM. Obtained surfaces were observed
more » ... and characterized using an optical interferometer and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Obtained images show that the topmost areas on the periodic step-bunched structure in contact with the SiO 2 particles are preferentially removed and surface roughness is gradually reduced as removal depth increases.
doi:10.11522/pscjspe.2006a.0.967.0 fatcat:2rwnopn6ejgflgehr4sj33bb2e