The Analysis of Flood Propagation Characteristics using Recursive Call Algorithm
재귀호출 알고리듬 기반의 홍수전파 특성 분석

Geun Sang Lee, Young Wun Jang, Yun Woong Choi
2013 Journal of Korea Spatial Information Society  
This paper analyzed the flood propagation characteristics of each flood elevation due to failure of embankment in Muju Namdae Stream using recursive call algorithm. A flood propagation order by the flood elevation was estimated by setting destruction point at Beonggu and Chasan small dam through recursive call algorithm and then, the number of grids of each flood propagation order and accumulated inundation area were calculated. Based on the flood propagation order and the grid size of DEM,
more » ... id size of DEM, flood propagation time could be predicted each flood elevation. As a result, the study could identify the process of flood propagation through distribution characteristic of the flood propagation order obtained from recursive call algorithm, and could provide basic data for protection from flood disaster by selecting the flood vulnerable area through the gradient pattern of the graph for accumulated inundation area each flood propagation order. In addition, the prediction of the flood propagation time for each flood water level using this algorithm helped provide valuable information to calculate the evacuation path and time during the flood season by predicting the flood propagation time of each flood water level.
doi:10.12672/ksis.2013.21.5.063 fatcat:b6xc6nnir5hg7ckihzh5g7dgfa