Mohamad Nazri Khairuddin Yap, Massila Kamalrudin, Ahmad Zaki A Bakar, Safiah Sidek
2016 unpublished
The pervasive use of social media has generated massive information sharing among its users. Given the fluidity and excessive information available online, issues relating to the trustworthiness of information have become a concern among the users and authorities. Sensational and unreliable information shared in the social media may cause and harm the reputation of an individual, product, organisation or government. Therefore, there is a need to develop a mechanism that helps users to verify
more » ... users to verify the trustworthiness of information that feed in the social media so that they can decide whether to trust or to ignore the information. This paper reports a review on the analysis of the existing work related to trustworthiness of information. The analysis were based on three questions that address the definition of trustworthiness of information, factors influencing trustworthiness of information and existing tools to verify trustworthiness of information. Based on thirty nine selected articles reviewed, it was found that the verification on the trustworthiness of information approach is required. It is anticipated that the adoption of this approach will help to educate and make the public users aware of the level of trustworthiness of information, hence developing an informed, safe and ethical users of media content.