Роль місцевих органів влади в розвитку регіонального АПК

R.M. Muniv
2017 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
An adjusting problem in the field of agroindustrial development management at local level, namely low level of management industry, is one of key for the improvement of social and economic development of rural village. With the purpose of pre-condition creation for stable dynamic development competitive goods in agriculture production and processing sphere by the small business subjects and personal households for re-erecting effective economy in rural area as forming pre-condition of forming
more » ... dition of forming self-sufficient rural communities and introduction of principles of sustainable rural development by Complex Program support and development of agroindustrial production in Lviv Area during 2016–2020, in which financing of effective development is foreseen agrarian the sector in Lviv region. For implementation of the Complex program in an indicated period a requirement in the financial resources of regional budget makes 86.3 million UAH. On realization of tasks and measures of the Complex program, except for the money of regional budget, it is planned to attract 387.0 million UAH from other sources, in a that number from the state budget – 96.0 million UAH, from other local budgets – 11.0 million UAH, from projects of international technical help – 30.0 million UAH and money of enterprises and personal households is 250.0 million UAH. Due to financial support of AIC in Lviv Area during 2016 year over 320 million UAH of credit resources is reduced for business. An index of gross production of agricultural goods after 2016 year was 102.0%, including agricultural enterprises – 108.3%, households – 98.8%. During 2016 in Lviv Area were produced 1.4 million tons of grains (104.4% to 2015 year), 0.5 million tons of green-stuffs (104.4% to 2015 year), 1.6 million tons of potato (100%), near the 0.2 million tons of meat (in living weight) (101.0%), the over 546,1 million things of eggs (101.8%). Additionally in 2016 year are attracted in an agricultural turnover 23.9 ths. hectare. Financial subsidies were given to 26 enterprises. On area 56 ths. hectare are conducted enriching of soils by biological nitrogen after the use of inoculant of nitrogen-fixings microorganisms. On area 760 hectares are conducted sideration of soils and liming is conducted on an area 2019 hectares. Achievement of Complex Program primary purpose will be instrumental in deepening of integration connections, re-erecting of the social oriented market economy in Lviv Area, to the investment attractiveness of agroindustrial complex, will give basis for put in order effective economy in rural areas as pre-condition of self-sufficient territorial societies forming.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet8108 fatcat:g2fqc4g52fbhfi7r55cybxyvba