High-sensitivity detection of NO in a flame using a tunable ArF laser

A. M. Wodtke, H. Voges, L. Huwel, H. Schluter, G. Meijer, P. Andersen
1988 Optics Letters  
A tunable, narrow-band ArF laser has been used for laser-induced fluorescence detection of NO in natural abundance in a flame experiment. P and R branches of the D 2; VI = 0 -X 2113/2,1/2 VI = 1 transition were observed probing rotational states between J" = 19.5 and J" = 44.5. A single-shot detection limit of 1 part in 106 was found with a monochromator-based, dispersed-fluorescence detection system. In an experimental setup, determination of undispersed laser-induced fluorescence detection
more » ... its at or below the 1-part-in-10 9 range should be possible, because the narrow-band laser can be used to suppress all other sources of contaminating fluorescence even for detection of trace NO. The NO B 2l v' = 7 -X 2 11 V" = 0 transition was also observed in a cell experiment but not in the flame and is reported here.
doi:10.1364/ol.13.000910 pmid:19746076 fatcat:cczogrhz4fcxxnc7vwv7q44s4u