The Accessibility for the Difables at City Park in Surakarta

Arozi Setiawan, Aries Dwi, Himawanto
International Journal of Recent Engineering Science (IJRES)   unpublished
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the availability and accessibility level of city park facility in Surakarta. The objects of this study was three city parks in Surakarta. They are Banjarsari park, Balekambangpark, Cerdas park. There are sevenfasicities which is observed. They are parking areas, guiding block, toilets, stairs, RAM, signs, and sink. The research method that used is evaluation approaches, that assess the extent of an object has been achieved in accordance were analyzed by
more » ... ce were analyzed by using statistical descriptions by comparing field data with the standard provisions. The results showed that there is no accessible facility for difable, but one facility has reached the 57% accessbility level for stairs. Citypark is one of public facilities for people including difable. Therefore, public facilities in city park need to be upgraded so it can be useful for everyone, especially difable.