Are the Bader Laplacian and the Bohm Quantum Potential Equivalent? [chapter]

Creon Levit, Jack Sarfatti
1998 Causality and Locality in Modern Physics  
The de Broglie-Bohm ontological interpretation of quantum theory [1, 2] clarifies the understanding of many otherwise counter-intuitive quantum mechanical phenomena. We report here on an application of Bohm's quantum potential to the bonding and reactivity of small molecules. In the field of quantum chemistry, Bader has shown[3] that the topology of the Laplacian of the electronic charge density characterizes many features of molecular structure and reactivity. Examination of high accuracy
more » ... high accuracy abinitio solutions for several small molecules suggests that the Laplacian of Bader and the quantum potential of Bohm are structurally equivalent. It is possible that Bohmian mechanics using the quantum potential can make quantum chemistry as clear as it makes non-relativistic quantum mechanics.
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-0990-3_41 fatcat:x3urkno45jbhxictuq4hheu3gy