Generalized solution for inverse kinematics problem of a robot using hybrid genetic algorithms

Pavan Kumar K, Murali Mohan J, Srikanth D
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
The robot control consists of kinematic control and dynamic control. Control methods of the robot involve forward kinematics and inverse kinematics (IK). In Inverse kinematics the joint angles are found for a given position and orientation of the end effector. Inverse kinematics is a nonlinear problem and has multiple solutions. This computation is required to control the robot arms. A Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Hybrid genetic algorithm (HGA) (Genetic Algorithm in conjunction with Nelder-Mead
more » ... chnique) are proposed for solving the inverse kinematics of a robotic arm. HGA introduces two concepts exploration, exploitation. In an exploration phase, the GA identifies the good areas in entire search space and then exploitation phase is performed inside these areas by using Nelder- mead technique Binary Simulated Crossover and niching strategy for binary tournament selection operator is used. Proposed algorithms can be used on any type of manipulator and the only requirement is the forward kinematic equations, which are easily obtained. As a case study inverse kinematics of a Two Link Elbow Manipulator and PUMA manipulator are solved using GA and HGA in MATLAB. The algorithm is able to find all solutions without any error
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i4.6.20486 fatcat:eg3o3lvh6fh5lgandjc42xcyvu