Коломицева Олена Віталіївна, Шевчук Ірина Богданівна
2018 Zenodo  
Big Data technologies have great prospects for application not only in the economy and business, but also in public administration. The article shows the possibility of using Big Data technologies not only to analyze the performance of government bodies of different levels, but also to ensure the effective management of the spatial and economic development of a region or city. In the first case, Big Data is used to assess public opinion about the effectiveness of measures to implement
more » ... implement socio-economic policies and to monitor public opinion about the activities of state authorities. In the second case, for the development of infrastructure with the transition from quantitative development of territories to qualitative, the definition of basic needs and attitudes of the population, monitoring of the use of budget funds in support of certain industries, evaluation of migration processes, optimization of various spheres of the region's economy, improving the life of cities by optimizing the flows of transport, identifying threats to the economic security of the region, identifying and taking into account the possible consequences of changes in the natural, socio-economic environment of the region, their impact on Six stages of the Big Data application process are highlighted and described to identify priority areas of entrepreneurial activity in the territories of long-term development. The process of forming and adopting managerial decisions on the spatial development of the region (city) with the use of technologies Big Data is rather complex and multilateral and consists of several stages. The general scheme is described with a detailed description of the three levels of Big Data infrastructure (data collection; data storage and processing; analysis and use).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2631448 fatcat:5h7dl2ns7ncozdtce4ulaim7m4