Thermal boundary layer analysis of nanofluid flow past over a stretching flat plate in different transpiration conditions by using DTM-Pade method

Majeed A. Yousif, M. Hatami, Bewar A. Mahmood, M. M. Rashidi
2017 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science  
In this paper, Differential Transformation Method (DTM) is applied on governing equations of heat and fluid flow for a nanofluid over a horizontal flat plate. After obtaining the governing equations and solving them by DTM, the accuracy of results is examined by fourth order Runge-kutta numerical method. Due to infinite boundary condition for the stretching plate, outcomes need to an improvement method to be converged. For this aim, Padé approximation is applied on the obtained results which
more » ... ed results which [10,10] Padé order had the best accuracy compared to numerical method. The influence of relevant parameters such as the transpiration parameter on temperature and nanoparticle concentration profile is discussed and it is concluded that by increasing this parameter, nanoparticles concentration over the plate decrease due to more fluid penetration from pores and this is the main reason of lower thermal boundary layer caused by fewer nanoparticles over the plate.
doi:10.22436/jmcs.017.01.08 fatcat:4g5zdnatdba6faw2ng6k75kzyi