Computer simulation study to generate an optimal hydrologic model based on the soil properties of the large area plate roof greenery system
대면적 절판지붕용 녹화시스템의 토성기반 수문학적 최적모델 도출을 위한 전산 모의연구

Tae-Han Kim, Ji-Won Lee
2016 KIEAE Journal  
A B S T R A C T K E Y W O R D This study aimed to investigate the flood prevention effect expected from the afforestation of a large area metal roof of an industrial complex located in an area prone to floods in the rainwater outflow reduction aspect through computer simulation based on soil, which is a key element of the system. In order to conduct a more realistic simulation, the properties of the surveyed soil were generated through substantive analysis, soil texture analysis, and saxton
more » ... sis, and saxton method. A comparative performance evaluation was conducted by using soil depth and ponding depth, which are key elements of the system, as variables. The study result showed that during the heavy rainfall period, the bottom ash artificial soil had 61% rainwater outflow reduction effect, which was 11% higher than the SWMM standard sand. ⓒ 2016 KIEAE Journal 절판지붕용 녹화시스템 Plate Roof Greenery System 토성분석 Soil Texture Analysis Saxton 방법 Saxton Method 수문학적 전산모의 Hydrologic Computer Simulation 수문학적 물성 Hydrologic Properties
doi:10.12813/kieae.2016.16.1.073 fatcat:pq7uod5wozhdvdq7l2ddbhzrsm