Computer Assisted Educational Material Preparation for Fourth Grade Primary School Students' English Language Class in Teaching Numbers

2016 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
In this study, using ADDIE instructional design model, it is aimed to prepare English language educational material for 4 th grade primary students to teach them numbers. At the same time, ARCS model of motivation's attention, relevance and satisfaction phases are also taken into consideration. This study also comprises of Design Based Research which includes design, theory and application processes. The first phase of the ADDIE method is the analysis where there is a discussion with primary
more » ... ool English language teachers so as to determine the topic, the content and the target groups. During the design phase; objectives, strategies, activities, assessments, and methods of learning are determined to organize and present the content on the basis of learning objectives. In the development phase; images, animations and user interface are created in accordance with students' ages. Additionally, sounds including the pronunciation of digits and numbers are created and the codes of the visual scenarios that are designed are written in ActionScript 2.0 in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. At the implementation phase, some of the target group students are tested with prototype material that has been implemented. In the classroom, students learn both the pronunciation and the spelling of the numbers. After checking their spelling and typing errors of numbers with quizzes, the students repeat what they have learned and then they take the spelling quizzes. The program checks the misspelled words. Students who correctly complete the quizzes are entitled to have one flag. And when they have all the flags (4 flag), they receive a certificate of achievement. With this rewarding technique, it is intended to raise the motivation of the students. Finally, at the evaluation step, the observed problems in the materials are revised. At every stage of the process, expert evaluations are consulted. With this study that is based on ADDIE instructional designed model and ARCS motivational model, it is (Ayşen Karamete) expected that students enjoy learning pronunciation and the spelling of the numbers in a semigame environment.
doi:10.13187/ejced.2016.15.94 fatcat:77sqeap4yvbwfjwqnjbegnk4m4