A dynamical symmetry breaking model in Weyl space

A. Feoli, W. R. Wood, G. Papini
1998 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
The dynamical process following the breaking of Weyl geometry to Riemannian geometry is considered by studying the motion of de Sitter bubbles in a Weyl vacuum. The bubbles are given in terms of an exact, spherically symmetric thin shell solution to the Einstein equations in a Weyl-Dirac theory with a time-dependent scalar field of the form beta = f(t)/r. The dynamical solutions obtained lead to a number of possible applications. An important feature of the thin shell model is the manner in
more » ... s the manner in which beta provides a connection between the interior and exterior geometries since information about the exterior geometry is contained in the boundary conditions for beta.
doi:10.1063/1.532256 fatcat:zbamtajd25h5bilmbna2uvjhiu