Area Chairs

Adrian Clark, Alessio Bue, Ist Genova, Andrea Cavallaro, Queen Mary, Andrea Torsello, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Antonio Robles, Kelly Nicta -Canberra, Barbara Caputo, Bjorn Stenger, Edmond Boyer (+28 others)
Foreword It is our great pleasure to welcome you to York for the 27th British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC). The University of York recently celebrated its 50th birthday (in 2013) and has grown rapidly since its founding. It now home to more than 16,000 students. York is a campus University, sited in parkland and famous for its lakes and waterfowl. The conference is sited on the Heslington West campus on the outskirts of the historic city of York. BMVC is one of the top events in the
more » ... ents in the Computer Vision conference calendar and must now be considered as a truly international event with the majority of papers coming from outside the UK. This year, BMVC attracted a total of 365 valid submissions. Although this is lower that the record submissions level of recent years, it still represents a very active and healthy conference. The paper review process was unchanged from previous BMVCs, and we recruited more than 300 reviewers to process the papers. All papers received three reviews and each paper was then handled by two area chairs from our pool of 50 subject experts. Accepted papers required strong support from both reviewers and area chairs. We would like to thank all the reviewers and area chairs for their hard work and prompt responses. Of the 365 submissions, just 144 were accepted for presentation in BMVC 2016, which is a 39% acceptance rate. Only the very highest quality papers were selected for oral presentation, with 38 papers gaining a podium spot, or 10% of the submissions. The accepted papers represent a truly international research community, with 18% of the papers from the UK, 36% from the EU excluding the UK, 22% from Asia, 20% from North America, and 4% from the rest of the world. As is now standard for BMVC, the proceedings are published entirely online, without the use of USB drives, for environmental reasons.