2021 Pedagogical Sciences  
Today, knowledge of foreign languages is required to avoid barriers to communication between people around the world. Thus, learning foreign languages is relevant at almost any age.The purpose of this article is to consider the generally accepted methods and determine the effectiveness of each of them during training. To achieve fluency in a foreign language, it is necessary to divide foreign language communicative competence into a number of components and develop them both individually and in
more » ... combination. Each of the models is a separate and independent method that can be used to improve certain components of foreign language communicative competence. The main components include: the development of speech, writing, reading, and the study of vocabulary. There is no single approach in the scientific literature to determine the structure of foreign language communicative competence, as the general form of this competence can be presented in a set of components such as linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic competence. Therefore, it is not possible to dwell on a specific method as ideal for the formation of competence, as each of them has its disadvantages and advantages. The formation of foreign language communicative competence requires a long and careful study of the material offered by a teacher who uses a certain method.
doi:10.33989/2524-2474.2021.78.249852 fatcat:ap7zmw7vxndkpkkocwqsjaigpi