Effect of Polymer Static Adsorption during Polymer Flooding in Bohai Oilfield

Pingli Liu, Feng Li, Changlong Liu, Xitang Lan
Polymer flooding technology as one of the effective ways to enhance oil recovery has been widely used and achieved great results in Bohai oilfield in China since 2003. It can improve the area swept efficiency not only in the macro scale but also in the micro scale. However, when polymer flowed in porous media, the surface adsorption and the interactions of polymer molecules would affect oil displacement. In this paper, based on the analysis of polymer adsorption mechanism, by using
more » ... using starch-cadmium iodide method, different clay minerals were measured on the adsorption of hydrophobic polymer in Bohai Oilfield. Concentration, temperature, salinity, and other factors were analysed when the adsorption capacity of clay minerals was influenced. A unit mass of clay minerals on the variation of polymer adsorption were obtained. The experiment results indicate that with the increase of unit mass of polymer concentration, water salinity and rock grain size, adsorption capacity gradually increases; while with the increase of unit mass of temperature, adsorption capacity gradually decreases. The obtained analytical solutions may could help the application design for a chemical flooding process.