A mounting and permanent slide preparation technique for Cryptogams

Patil, S Patil
A technique for "whole mounting" for permanent slide preparations of lower cryptogams have been developed. Pieces of fresh thermocol dissolved in xylol (100 ml) up to saturation and transferred in oven for filtration through Whatman paper no. 1 at constant temperature 30 0 C for one hour so as to evolve air bubbles. This filtrate serves as a mounting medium to make permanent slide preparations of lower cryptogams (epiphytic algae, and bryophytes; leaf associated saprophytic fungi, sooty moulds
more » ... nd black mildew fungi). This medium is also useful for obtaining stomata and hydathode impression peels for angiosperm leaves fern leaflets respectively. The method for obtaining entire thalli of epiphytic algae and bryophytes; colonies of ectophytic fungi from leaves (sooty moulds & black mildews); stomatal peel is found useful for measuring stomatal density. For studying structure of hydathodes, peel from fern leaflets is useful. The peels are obtained for getting entire, undamaged structures of them and do not require scraping (as scraping damages of structures to be studied).