Triadic Synchrony: Application of Multiple Wavelet Coherence to a Small Group Conversation

Ken Fujiwara
2016 Applied Mathematics  
By applying multiple wavelet coherence (MWC) to data from human body movements in triadic interaction, this study quantified triadic synchrony, rhythmic similarity among three interactants. Thirty-nine Japanese undergraduates were randomly assigned in a triad, and engaged in a brainstorming task. Triadic synchrony was quantified by calculating MWC to the time-series movement data collected by Kinect v2 sensor. The existence of synchrony was statistically tested by using a pseudo-synchrony
more » ... gm. Results showed that the averaged value of MWC was higher in the experimental participant trio than in those of the pseudo trio in the frequency band of 0.5 -1 Hz. The result supports the possible utility of applying multiple wavelet coherence to evaluate triadic synchrony in a small group interaction.
doi:10.4236/am.2016.714126 fatcat:f3nts5tbjze7zpk446i7qgelzm