Miscellaneous Inventions

1887 Scientific American  
A car seat has been patented by Mr. Uriah Smith, of Battle Creek, lII ich. It has a reversible back linked pivotally to the arms, and a head rest con iti!cted pivotally to the ends of the seat back, so that when a passenger leans against the seat back the pres snre has the effect to lock the head rest secnrely in ,place. A furnace for steam boilers has been patented by lII r. Zachary T. Reno, of New Orleans, La. It is so built that a fan forces a mixture of air and gas from the smoke stack
more » ... gh a tube into hollow per forated grate bars, discharging the same directly into the fire, thus facilitating complete combustion and ntilizing the smoke and gases. An electric railway signal has been patented by lII r. Charles D. Tisdale, of Boston, lII ass. It is an improved arrangement of circuits, relays, and signal magnets, for displaying a signal when a train enters a section and withdrawing it when the train leaves the section, there being for each section two or more semaphores, two relays, two batteries, and a line wire with the track rails.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03261887-202b fatcat:33bfdygd5raflghe43hxdrtgru