Optimization of an Intelligent Music-Playing System Based on Network Communication

Liaoyan Zhang, Zhihan Lv
2021 Complexity  
Streaming media server is the core system of audio and video application in the Internet; it has a wide range of applications in music recommendation. As song libraries and users of music websites and APPs continue to increase, user interaction data are generated at an increasingly fast rate, making the shortcomings of the original offline recommendation system and the advantages of the real-time streaming recommendation system more and more obvious. This paper describes in detail the working
more » ... thods and contents of each stage of the real-time streaming music recommendation system, including requirement analysis, overall design, implementation of each module of the system, and system testing and analysis, from a practical scenario. Moreover, this paper analyzes the current research status and deficiencies in the field of music recommendation by analyzing the user interaction data of real music websites. From the actual requirements of the system, the functional and performance goals of the system are proposed to address these deficiencies, and then the functional structure, general architecture, and database model of the system are designed, and how to interact with the server side and the client side is investigated. For the implementation of data collection and statistics module, this paper adopts Flume and Kafka to collect user behavior data and uses Spark Streaming and Redis to count music popularity trends and support efficient query. The recommendation engine module in this paper is designed and optimized using Spark to implement incremental matrix decomposition on data streams, online collaborative topic model, and improved item-based collaborative filtering algorithm. In the system testing section, the functionality and performance of the system are tested, and the recommendation engine is tested with real datasets to show the discovered music themes and analyze the test results in detail.
doi:10.1155/2021/9943795 fatcat:d2famaast5epba4rcfnu4greuy