Application of Multiple Antigen Simultaneous Test to the Measurement of Allergen-specific IgA and IgG in Human Sera and Saliva

Mikako Takasugi, Tetsuya Arimoto, Tatsuya Igawa, Hideki Itaya, Michihiro Sugano, Koji Yamada
1997 Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University  
Multiple antigen simultaneous test (MAST) kit using for the measurement of allergen~ specific human serum IgE was applied for the measurement of antigen~specific IgA and IgG in human serum and saliva. In measurement of IgA and IgG, an appropriate dilution by fish gelatin was necessary, 5' times for saliva IgA, 10' times for serum IgA and 10 l times for serum [gG. When the expression of antigen~specific serum [gE, IgG and IgA, and saliva IgA in four volunteers were studied using the MAST method,
more » ... ng the MAST method, a positive relationship was observed in the expression of serum IgE and serum IgA, and a negative relationship in the expression of serum IgE and saliva IgA. These results suggest possibilities that the expression of serum and saliva IgA are regulated differently and secretory IgA plays a putative role in the amelioration of food allergy.
doi:10.5109/24205 fatcat:yxsgtfbgbzcy5ah2mnh7ui3ddm