Fault Routing Node Detection Using DUAL in Wireless Sensor Networks

B Kumar, G Hemanth, Kumar Yadav
Wireless sensor networks are an essential tool for monitoring distributed remote environments and major difficulties are identifying the fault node. The extinction of damaged sensor measurements in WSNS will cause not only a dispossession of network quality of service, but also a huge load on the limited power. In this project proposes Diffusing Update Algorithm map-reading protocol to make certain that the given route is recalculated globally whenever it might causes a map-reading loop. DUAL
more » ... aluate the data received from other routers in the topology table and calculate the major and minor routes. The major path is usually lowest metric to reach the destination, and the unneeded path is the second lowest cost. There may be various descendants and various practical successors. Both descendant and practical descendant are preserving topology table, but only the successor are added to the routing table and used to route packets. The Wireless Sensor Network is existence but also reduces the cost of replacing sensor nodes. Here we use Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL) for improving existence of a wireless sensor networks previously various of sensornodès are failed. By using this algorithm we can identify result in less replacement of sensornodès further more useful routing path. so, the algorithm not only enhance The algorithm planned in this paper is based on the Grade Diffusing algorithm, through the purpose of replace fewer sensor nodes that are not working otherwise we have useless battery and of reuse the most quantity of routing paths. Finally this optimization enhances the WSN lifetime and reduces sensor node replacement cost.