Finite element analysis of elastic-plastic state of crack at the interface between infinite plane and circular inclusion
Скінченноелементний аналіз пружно-пластичного стану тріщини на межі розділу площини з круговим включенням

V. J. Adlucky, A. Yu. Hodes, V. V. Loboda
2019 Vìsnik Kiïvsʹkogo nacìonalʹnogo unìversitetu ìmenì Tarasa Ševčenka. Serìâ Fìziko-matematičnì nauki  
The problem on determining of elastic-plastic stress-strain state of infinite plane with a circular inclusion made from another material and an arc crack at the interface under action of arbitrary mechanical loadings applied at infinity is considered using the FEM approach. The problem is resolved within the framework of contact model for which the possibility of appearance of contact macrozones between crack faces is assumed. The isotropic hardening of materials with bilinear approximation of
more » ... r approximation of stress-strain curves is considered. The infinite plane is modeled by square domain whose size is of an order of magnitude greater than inclusion diameter. Contact interaction of crack faces is simulated using gap elements. To obtain the energy release rate the J-integrals are calculated along several closed contours around the crack tips. The comparison of obtained results with available analytical solutions for linear elasticity shows that insignificant differences take place during transformation from pure elastic to elastic-plastic stress-strain state.
doi:10.17721/1812-5409.2019/1.3 fatcat:bu4mr6w3ujbdjoye6nomklsuje