Restoration of Human Lacrimal Function Following Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection

Marcel Y. Avila
2014 Cornea  
Article History According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 8% of couples during the reproductive period of life are faced with the problem of infertility. Thus, the efforts of doctors and researchers are aimed at finding of effective treatment methods for spermatogenesis disorders. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has therapeutic effect due to the presence of growth factors. This work aimed to investigate the function of PRP on mice males' gonads in experimental toxic affection. After
more » ... c affection of the gonads by doxorubomycine hydrochloride (DH) mice got three injections of PRP. PRP was isolated from whole blood with the processing unit SmartPrep (Harvest Corp.). The introduction of PRP under the skin of scrotum renews the testis microstructure and the state of spermatogenic epitelium in mice, normalizes the amount and functioning of the Sertoly cells. This effect, probably, is conditioned by the activity of the growth factors, which freed from platelets' α-granules after the PRP injection. Thus, the application of the platelet rich plasma is the effective method for restoration of the gonads of mice males in the condition of toxic affection.
doi:10.1097/ico.0000000000000016 pmid:24240491 fatcat:tckzhiwrhfbqtbsfifs76o76qu