Catastrophic Flood in the Russian Town Krymsk

V Kotlyakov, N Koronkevich, L Desinov, S Dolgov, I Vishnevskaya, V Kotlyakov, S Dolgov, I Vishnevskaya
On 6-7 July 2012, huge water flow had rushed downstream river Adagum and flooded the town Krymsk located in the Western end of the Caucasus. The flood caused many (human) victims and destructions. This paper presents results of both geographical and hydrological analysis of natural and anthropogenic factor which could lead to this catastrophe. Though the main cause was the extreme amount of precipitation, a significant negative role was played also by anthropogenic factors, among which the
more » ... mong which the development of the floodplain of the river Adagum, insufficient capacity of the bridge spans, low efficiency of the engineering flood protection, gaps in the monitoring system of hydro-meteorological phenomena, delayed warnings of population. Extent of the flooding had been determined by means of the GIS-models from high-water marks. Preventive control measures aimed at minimization of a possible damage from future extremely high floods are proposed.