M. Aghayev M.
2020 EurasianUnionofScientists  
As can be seen from the title of the paragraph, in this case we will talk about one type of related subordinate phrases, which is formed not in the structure of the sentence, but as a "pre-sentence", an independent unit of nomination. In this group of units, such constructions are represented as quantitative and nominal (ten books, many people, several students, a group of climbers, a herd of horses, etc.), combinations with the meaning of compatibility (Mom and I, brother and sister, etc. .),
more » ... d sister, etc. .), combinations with the meaning of selectivity (one of us, one of the representatives, etc.), etc.
doi:10.31618/esu.2413-9335.2020.4.78.1015 fatcat:pdzuecovv5f47nhsl5d6cz7kii