Isolation and characterization of bovine herpes virus 5 (BHV5) from cattle in India [article]

Naveen Kumar, Yogesh Chander, Thachamvally Riyesh, Nitin Khandelwal, Ram Kumar, Harish Kumar, Bhupendra N Tripathi, Sanjay Barua
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV1) and 5 (BHV5) are genetically and antigenically related alphaherpesviruses. Infection with one virus induces protective immunity against the other. However, disease associated with BHV1 and BHV5 varies significantly; whereas BHV1 infection is usually associated with rhinotracheitis and abortion, BHV5 causes encephalitis in cattle. BHV5 outbreaks are sporadic and mainly restricted to the South American countries. We report BHV5 infection for the first time from aborted
more » ... t time from aborted cattle in India. Based on the characteristic cytopathic effects in MDBK cells, amplification of the viral genome in PCR, differential PCR for BHV1/BHV5, nucleotide sequencing and restriction endonuclease patterns, identity of the virus was confirmed as BHV5 subtype A. Serum samples from the aborted cattle strongly neutralized both BHV1 and BHV5 suggesting an active viral infection in the herd. Upon UL27, UL44 and UL54 gene-based sequence and phylogenetic analysis, the isolated virus clustered with BHV5 strains and showed highest similarity with the Brazilian BHV5 strains.
doi:10.1101/2020.01.24.917880 fatcat:g5okv4n4ofc5dlyzg2p5w3q44i