SOLMINEQ.88; a computer program for geochemical modeling of water-rock interactions [report]

1988 unpublished
PREFACE This report describes the theoretical aspects, the modeling capabilities and the limitations of the geochemical computer code SOLMINEQ.88. This code is the latest version of SOLMNEQ (Kharaka and Barnes, 1973), SOLMNEQF (Aggarwal and others, 1986), and several unpublished versions of this software package. The computer program can be used to model speciation, saturation, dissolution/precipitation, ion exchange/adsorption, mixing, boiling, and gas partitioning between water, oil, and gas
more » ... hases. The program is comprehensive but it is especially useful for modeling water-rock interactions in sedimentary basins where high temperatures, pressures, salinities, and dissolved organic species prevail.
doi:10.3133/wri884227 fatcat:nd63vtzaqfbr3egj2hnl7zkaay