Shock Wave Characteristics of Hydraulic Shock Wave Simulator with Variable Damping

Xiaoqiu Xu, Zhongwen Wang, Junwei Han, Dacheng Cong
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
For simulating the shock wave with high peak force in a short duration, a novel variable damping hydraulic shock wave simulator was developed, and it was used for simulating the cannon recoil motion. The working principle of this simulator was explained with the assistance of established mathematical model and the flow behavior in damping channel was analyzed. The shock wave characteristics curves were obtained by using the numerical computation method. The results showed that the shock wave
more » ... t the shock wave characteristics were directly related to the sectional area of the damping channel and the damping fluid medium characteristic; the shock wave curve can be simulated by adjusting the variable damping parameters. The computational results agreed well with the theory analysis, which meant that the proposed mathematical model can be used for supplying theoretical references for the cannon recoil motion in artillery fire shock simulation test.
doi:10.1155/2018/8359145 fatcat:nfof5ublmbcujb6gqvpsvcgrka