Uduvudu: a Graph-Aware and Adaptive UI Engine for Linked Data

Michael Luggen, Adrian Gschwend, Bernhard Anrig, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
2015 unpublished
Creating good User Interfaces (UIs) to render Linked Data visually is a complex task, often involving both UI and Linked Data specialists. The resulting solutions are typically application-dependent and difficult to adapt or reuse in a different context. To tackle this problem, we propose Uduvudu, a flexible, open-source engine to visualize Linked Data. Our engine is built in JavaScript and runs in the browser natively. Non-specialist users can use Uduvudu to describe recurring subgraph
more » ... occurring in their data. They can then flexibly and automatically extract, transform, and visually render such patterns in multiple ways depending of the usage context. Uduvudu is intuitive, flexible, and efficient and makes it possible to jump-start the development of complex user interfaces based on Linked Data without the need of data specialists.
doi:10.24451/arbor.7517 fatcat:qq6zie7u6nfhbgcvpfqsauvdui