The effect of COVID-19 lockdowns on political support: Some good news for democracy? [post]

André Blais, Damien Bol, Marci Giani, Peter John Loewen
2020 unpublished
Major crises sometimes act as critical junctures whereas other times they reinforce the democratic status quo, depending on how citizens view the performance of central institutions. We use an interrupted time series to study the effects on a set of key political attitudes of the enforcement of a lockdown policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, we take advantage of a unique representative online survey that was fielded in March and April 2020 to compare specific and diffuse
more » ... cific and diffuse public support right before and right after the start of lockdowns in Western Europe. We find that lockdowns increased vote intentions for the party of the Prime Minister/President, trust in government, and satisfaction with democracy. Furthermore, we find that while rallying individuals around institutions, the lockdown had no effect on traditional left-right attitudes.
doi:10.31235/ fatcat:qihm4o2xjjfxjfdjrzwwf5vn5q