Solid-State Entanglement

2006 Science  
We show how to create maximal entanglement between spectrally distinct solid-state emitters embedded in a waveguide interferometer. By revealing the rich underlying structure of multiphoton scattering in emitters, we show that a two-photon input state can generate deterministic maximal entanglement even for emitters with significantly different transition energies and linewidths. The optimal frequency of the input is determined by two competing processes: which-path erasure and interaction
more » ... nd interaction strength. We find that smaller spectral overlap can be overcome with higher photon numbers, and quasimonochromatic photons are optimal for entanglement generation. Our work provides a new methodology for solid-state entanglement generation, where the requirement for perfectly matched emitters can be relaxed in favor of optical state optimization.
doi:10.1126/science.313.5792.1360e fatcat:675aolngbrca7n66grlvw3y6mu