IoT based Smart Laboratory System

Amruta N. Banagar, Rajshankar Khattar, Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues Institute of Technology, Vashi
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Internet of Things (IoT), an embedded technology helps enable breakthrough services by interconnection of physical and virtual things, intelligent interaction and Machineto-Machine (M2M) communication between environments, objects and interoperable information technologies. IoT has found many applications in the fields of medicine, transportation, farming, manufacturing and automation. In the present scenario, the appliances of a laboratory like lights and fans are left on, even when not in
more » ... ven when not in use, which leads to a rise in power consumption of the laboratory. IoT can be used to automate the laboratory which will help in effective power consumption, minimal human assistance required and easy monitoring of the laboratory. This paper proposes a Smart Automation System for the department's computer laboratory. The system will monitor the changes like temperature and lighting conditions of the environment, produce analyzed results by controlling the appliances as well as report abrupt changes.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is010178 fatcat:ys57vbm6efhyjl6yqtecrrexem