A source within a source?

Solveig Bollig
2022 Kulturella perspektiv: svensk etnologisk tidsskrift  
The sagas of Icelanders contain a great wealth of personal names both of historical and fictional nature. Personal names function both as identifiers for individuals but also evoke associations that supersede the name's lexical or identifying meaning, for example, cultural or social associations such as age, ethnicity, and ideology. This article examines personal names as a source within a source and appraises the use of literary and socio-onomastics in the context of the Íslendingasögur using
more » ... he example of the elusive difference between "Icelanders" and "Norwegians" in the sagas. The onomastic analysis is based on seven shorter tales and explores the differences in personal names in Icelandic and Norwegian individuals. Based on the onomastic data gathered, this article concludes that there are certain regional differences in name-giving visible in the sagas and that saga authors either had authentic onomastic material at hand or tried to emulate realistic personal names.
doi:10.54807/kp.v31.2302 fatcat:6v4mi5wh2zbc7mnrwltl34evfi