Synthesis and Properties of Biodegradable and Chemically Recyclable Cationic Surfactants Containing Carbonate Linkages

Taisuke Banno, Kazunobu Toshima, Kazuo Kawada, Shuichi Matsumura
2007 Journal of Oleo Science  
Novel biodegradable and chemically recyclable carbonate-type cationic surfactants consisting of a long chain alkyl group and a quaternary ammonium propyl group were designed and synthesized as a green surfactant. These carbonate-type cationics showed better surface activities in an aqueous solution when compared to the conventional cationics. Novel cationics containing both the carbonate linkage and ndodecyl group showed strong antimicrobial properties, enzymatic degradabilities for chemical
more » ... ycling and rapid biodegradabilities by activated sludge.
doi:10.5650/jos.56.493 pmid:17898517 fatcat:yxtfhp5yofd45bw4fks67xejqu