Postgraduate education of traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine: a current survey on the training hospitals in Kanagawa prefecture

Makoto Arai, Ayako Arai, Shun-ichiro Izumi
2014 The Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine  
There is no precise survey of postgraduate Kampo education in Japan. We aimed to survey the current status of postgraduate Kampo education and to identify major problems and suggest solutions to promote Kampo education during internship. The questionnaire, for the 58 training hospitals, including the 4 university hospitals, in Kanagawa prefecture, was mailed to the director of each hospital and the instructors responsible for clinical training. There were 49 responses (84%): 84% of the
more » ... rs recognized clinicians' need to prescribe Kampo medicine; 63% thought Kampo education should be introduced into the clinical training; 55% thought a standardized form of education was necessary; 14% had Kampo education programs; 69%, 13%, and 9% of instructors at hospitals without Kampo educational programs noted the lack of Kampo instructors, time, and need to teach Kampo medicine, respectively; 82% had no plans for Kampo education; 44%, 29%, 24%, and 5% of hospitals permitted future Kampo instruction through voluntary study, lectures sponsored by Kampo manufacturers, study sessions with other hospitals, and independent study, respectively. Kampo education should be introduced into large training hospitals, where qualified Kampo instructors are more easily found, and where many interns and residents work.
pmid:25504206 fatcat:dzhkjkc6zvac3f7oovw6jr6jbe