Implementasi Aplikasi Mobile Learning Sistem Manajemen Soal dan Ujian Berbasis Web Pada Platform Android

2021 Ihsan: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat  
During the COVID-19 pandemic, most educational institutions carry out online learning and teaching processes, including taking exams. The exam is an evaluation stage of students' understanding of the material provided. From these problems led to the idea of creating a question bank management system and website-based exams. It aims to make it easier for teachers to give exams and the process of giving exam scores that are effective and efficient. A web-based question bank and exam management
more » ... tem was created using Sublime Text as data processing software. In this study, the process of the question and exam management system that has been carried out by the school is online using the CBT application. But many students do not have laptop/computer facilities so that it becomes an obstacle for the school. So the author makes a web-based question and exam management system using the android platform. Because now every student already has an android so that it can make it easier for students to take the exam process. The results of this study, it can be concluded that the existence of a question bank management system and website-based exams, is expected to help teachers' performance in managing questions and exams.
doi:10.30596/ihsan.v3i2.7556 fatcat:oxafbb3uwzb6pmnwtxicg5vbua