The iNEAR programme: an existential positive psychology intervention for resilience and emotional wellbeing

Aneta D. Tunariu, Rachel Tribe, Dan Frings, Ian P. Albery
2017 International Review of Psychiatry  
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a new psychological intervention, the iNEAR, which is a resilience and wellbeing programme consisting of a classroom based set of activities designed to facilitate the formation of positive identities through the acquisition of skills for growth and personal flourishing. 354 young people aged 11 and 12, matched for age and gender, were randomly allocated to the intervention (84 girls; 80 boys) and control conditions (93 girls; 96 boys).
more » ... 93 girls; 96 boys). Following the intervention, boys, compared to girls, showed higher levels of wellbeing and environmental mastery and higher levels of tolerance to uncertainty. The intervention was effective in increasing appreciation of positive relationships with others, for girls and, although not statistically significant, it generated change in the desired direction for boys. In contrast to boys, girls' scores on openness to diversity also increased between baseline and post-intervention. Ways in which positive psychology interventions can resource individuals to better respond to adversity, coercion and personal uncertainty and so contribute to safeguarding against the adoption of extreme belief systems are also discussed.
doi:10.1080/09540261.2017.1343531 pmid:28805122 fatcat:megr4rbfmjbixpvvd3hsf2fsma