A Novel LiDAR Data Classification Algorithm Combined CapsNet with ResNet

Aili Wang, Minhui Wang, Haibin Wu, Kaiyuan Jiang, Yuji Iwahori
2020 Sensors  
LiDAR data contain feature information such as the height and shape of the ground target and play an important role for land classification. The effect of convolutional neural network (CNN) for feature extraction on LiDAR data is very significant, however CNN cannot resolve the spatial relationship of features adequately. The capsule network (CapsNet) can identify the spatial variations of features and is widely used in supervised learning. In this article, the CapsNet is combined with the
more » ... ual network (ResNet) to design a deep network-ResCapNet for improving the accuracy of LiDAR classification. The capsule network represents the features by vectors, which can account for the direction of the features and the relative position between the features. Therefore, more detailed feature information can be extracted. ResNet protects the integrity of information by passing input information to the output directly, which can solve the problem of network degradation caused by information loss in the traditional CNN propagation process to a certain extent. Two different LiDAR data sets and several classic machine learning algorithms are used for comparative experiments. The experimental results show that ResCapNet proposed in this article 'improve the performance of LiDAR classification.
doi:10.3390/s20041151 pmid:32093132 pmcid:PMC7071473 fatcat:qfasy4ix6bge3csvqw3axxxwjy